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4205 N. Wheeling Muncie IN (beside Pizza King)

Hours: Mon Tues Wed Sat 10-4, Thurs Fri 10-7

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About The Owner

Judith Gill is a married mom who lives in central Indiana. She found that she wasn’t satisfied with the leggings she could find on the market. As a plus sized person, she wanted fun prints and comfortable, durable leggings. She hated the idea of “unicorns” and wanted everyone to be able to have the fun prints without being coerced into buying a three piece outfit in order to get them. 

That’s when Whimsies was born, in 2018. 

After having success with leggings, Judith decided to try out nightgowns and pillowcases made from the same material. In 2019 she also rolled out nail polish strips under the Whimsies banner. Leggings with side pockets were introduced in 2019 and are the company’s best seller.

Whimsies uses custom art from local artists whenever possible, and only uses off the shelf art to fill in the gaps. The Whimsies Facebook group votes on the majority of prints and color schemes that are produced, so the leggings are a collaborative effort. 

In addition to the Whimsies brand products, the shop carries affordable long shirts that are flattering with leggings, allowing customers to pick up an outfit in one stop. Seasonal shirts and coverups are also offered.

The leggings have been wear and wash/dry tested over and over to ensure that they are the best on the market. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and you always have a direct line to the company owner to fix any issues that you might have.